Lily Potter: The story of Harry's daughter

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Lily Potter: The story of Harry's daughter

Post  CarRotxXxTop07 on Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:15 pm

"Come on dad! Where gonna be late!" Lily Potter told her father.

Harry Potter looked down at his daughter and smiled at her. "Lily, we won't miss it, don't wprry. We have 30 minutes to get your luggage on and get you on the train. And still see Hugo."

"Okay." Lily replied. Hugo was her cousin, and they saw each other so often that people could mistake them for twins.

"But," Ginny Potter, Lily's mother said, "We will if James keeps dragging his feet, hurry up James!" She referred to her oldest son, James.

"But Mom! Dad just said we have plenty of time left and that means I can drag my feet!" He replied, continuing to drag his feet.

"James, listen to your mother," Harry replied. His face left James and went to his middle son, Albus. "Can Rose sit by you in the train? I don't want her to sit all alone in the train."

"Ya, sure dad." Albus said just as he arrived at the platform.

"Okay, Lily, you go first, you know what to do." Ginny said as Lily ran straight through the wall.

(I'll continue the story later.)

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