The Lightning Thief- My Version

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The Lightning Thief- My Version

Post  CarRotxXxTop07 on Wed Jun 25, 2008 10:26 pm

If you have read the book, "The Lightning Thief" or any other book in that series, you probaley know what I am talking about. The basic summary is this, a boy who has ADHD and Dyslexia is kicked out of boarding school, again. But soon her figures out that his father, who he has never seen before is a Greek god. Soon he must face fighting monsters and taking a quest that if he fails, it would start World War 3. No pressure right? Now, I am making a rp that has to do with the Characters from that book. (Yes, you can make up your own characters.)

You slowly awaken after a strange battle. What's wierd is that this battle was with an creature you have heard about in Laten Class before. You see a tall, slim girl with black hair and green looks down at you. "Are you okay?"

If you want to respond to her, fill out this form..

Age~ (No one less than 11)
Parent~ (Ares, Hades, Zeus, Athena,ext. Limit for the big three gods children are 2. You can look up other Gods on google or go to and there are a ton of sites to look at.)
How many schools you have been kicked out of~ (Maximum 6)
Mortal Parent's occupation~

Here is mine~

Name~ Dacia
Age~12, almost 13
Parent~ Posidon*
Discription~ Semi-tall, black hair and green eyes.
Schools~ 3
Mortal Parents~ (she was put up for adoption.) They are both dentist in New York.
History~ After her birth, her mother took one twin (Percy) to raise and put one up for adoption, (Me) to atract (SP) less monsters. She lives with her mortal parents. She went to Yancy, where she saw Percy here and there. Her friend, Jessica always said they look alike and could be twins. She was annoyed by this, because he wasn't very popular and she was top dog. Yancy was the first school she didn't get expelled from, and then, a math teacher, tries to kill her. She then gets lead away by her friend Jessica to Camp Half-Blood.She finds her real mom and dad, and her twin bro, and that her friends real name is Juniper. Soon she finds out that Percy, the dorky boy, goes to the camp.

*In the Percy Jackson series, there is only one son of Posidon. This is made-up and she is one of the twins of Posidon. (the other is Percy. Someone can still be Percy.) Percy is still going to be the one about the Prophecy though, we'll say that he was born first.

Join today!

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